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To see more of me on social media and to see the fetish video content I create have a look at my LINKS.

I am a unique, creative individual with a striking look, short hair, a slim body covered in beautiful tattoos, well dressed, intelligent, intuitive, and genuine.

As an experienced fetishist I love curating introductory experiences for those at the start of their journeys just as much as going deeper with well practised kinksters, luring people into my world, exploring minds and bodies, and facilitating exploration and escapism through play.

My overall session style is tactile, playful, seductive and devious. I love the variety of people I meet and my scenes can vary from rough and filthy role plays to sensual, intimate rituals. I adore absurd, bizarre fantasies, and the vast scope of what can be discovered when you embark on a journey of experimentation. I aim to create a space for you to embrace your desires under my direction allowing you to express and discover aspects of yourself in an encouraging judgement free space.

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