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These are some of the questions / requests I am most often asked, if you have something else you were wondering please feel free to email me\

What do you expect from me before / during a session / how can I prepare?

Take some time to think about what you want to get from our time together, if you have a specific kink, a set role play, or just general curiosity, try to express yourself honestly and clearly.
During a session the most important thing is that you feel able to communicate with me, before meeting we will establish safe words and I will ask you some things about yourself to give me an idea of how best to plan our session.
When you arrive I will have you shower before we begin. Clean your body, freshen yourself with mouthwash and present yourself as a good, clean toy for me to play with. For sessions including anal play clean yourself properly for the best experience and your own peace of mind, especially if you are newer to bottoming for this type of sex it can help you feel relaxed and able to enjoy it more. If you are uncertain about how to do this have a look at this.

Do you offer forced bi / cuckolding sessions?
Yes! I love to see men playing together, especially under my direction or with my involvement. I have male play partners I can have join sessions to help realise all sorts of bisexual fantasies. I am also very much an exhibitionist sexually and love teasing and taunting cucks while I enjoy playing with my partners. I am bisexual and can have female partners join for these sessions too... no one has yet asked to be the lucky cuck watching me have a threesome, why not be the first?

How should I refer to you?
I am most often called Mistress, and I tend to use She/Her pronouns although in some dynamics other titles / names develop. I am happy to be referred to in role play / fantasy specific terms (e.g Nurse, Mommy, Boss, Daddy, Sir.) My personal session style varies depending on the individual but in general is not particularly high protocol.

Do you session with women / people of different gender expressions? 
I am Queer and open to meeting people of any gender identity and love talking about how gender, sexuality and kink interact. My queerness and experience influences my approach to sexuality and kink in all of my sessions. I will respect your identity and preferences and create and hold a space to be yourself authentically without judgement and with understanding and appreciation for you as you want to be seen.

Do you see couples / offer group play sessions?
Yes! I have had some incredible experiences with clients introducing me to other partners of theirs, couples who wanted to explore kink and other group interactions and love sessions like these!

Do you have Domme friends or a sub girl to play with?

I do! It's so much fun having another person in addition to a session, it adds so many possibilities. I have fem sub and switches as well as other Dommes I can ask to join in with different sessions.

Can we film during a session?
If you would like to be in my content I do offer filming sessions at a reduced rate of £200 ph. If you would like to film for yourself that can be discussed over email.

Can I bring you something to drink?
I will not drink alcohol in one hour bookings, but am open to having a glass of something with you during longer bookings. I enjoy bubbles, white wine, Gin & Tonic if you are wondering what to bring.

May I bring you a gift?
If you would like to bring me something I always really appreciate gifts! I do not have an online wish list, but love if someone gets me something specific to their kink / our session or just for me to enjoy. If you are wondering what I would like some things I love to be gifted are erotic and fetish art prints, books, latex gloves (I am a size M), Gio stockings (size 9.5) Aesop hand cream, Louboutin make up (red lipstick or red nail varnish)
I also adore when people bring (or make!) me things to use in sessions (floggers, canes, tawse, paddles, gags, unusual toys, stainless steel devices, clamps, implements for NT / CBT... even domestic or other items you have thought of an alternative use for. I admire fellow perverts creativity and love when people share theirs with me. 

Do you offer Hard Sports?
A popular kink! But this is something I do not personally offer.

Would you do an online session?
I have decided that due to my preferences for in person connections and time limitations I will not be offering online sessions. I make video content if you would like to see me sharing my kink play sessions that you can see here.
If you would like a phone call to discuss a session before we meet however that is something I am always open to.

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